Esteli is a province located in the northern part of Nicaragua devoted mainly to the growth of Tobacco. Here, more than 60 million hand-made cigars are produced and exported globally.

Strikingly, these hand-rolled treasures generate annually more than 80 million dollars in revenue, comprising almost 10% of all Nicaraguan exports.

Thanks to local and cultural traditions, this handcrafted industry is a source of livelihood for more than 150,000 citizens in the Northern part of Nicaragua.

Now, people can feel safe with a stable and permanent job, sowing the seeds of a social economic development by bettering the conditions of all of the inhabitants of the province.

Let’s keep in mind, most of these workers have laboured on average ten years for their companies. As it is now, these workers and their families are provided health care and education for their children all financed by the companies that make this Artisan product.

Imagine, over one hundred different pair of hands are involved in the production of each individual cigar. From the planting, right up until that final moment when – this old world style cigar sits in your hand.

Remember, there was a time when all cigars were made this way…

Today, these incredibly sought-after cigars represent an elite and competitive industry that meets world class standards in an agricultural sector of Nicaragua that has been beset with challenges.

The industry itself provides employment for a dexterous and hard-working labour force who are mainly women which leaves you the cigar smoker a lasting impression.


Under the watchful eye of Alejandro Robinia… Cuba’s most revered tobacco grower whose leaves have been found to wrap their way around the country’s finest Habanos, Papito Gomez has unearthed his roots in the premium hand-blended cigar industry from an established master.

Think of this… just a year after he smoked his first cigar at ten years old, Alejandro Robinia began working on his family’s tobacco fields in western Cuba.

Later, he went on to achieve worldwide cult status among cigar aficionados for the silent leaves that he produced on his 40 acre plantation dubbed “Finca La Pina” located in Chucillas de Barbacoa.

Right now, the cigar’s quality can still be appreciated in top of the line Cohibas, Esplendidos and Hoya de Monterrey Double Coronas, which are internationally renowned for their smoothness and richness.

As a mentoring relationship… these specific artisan traits along with accomplished taste and quality controls have been attentively passed down to Gomez through the hands-on training and masterly guidance of Robinia.

Years later in Nicaragua, Papito has grown to similar cult status himself where he blends and rolls for world-class luxurious brands.

Papito Gomez, was already established as a master when Havana Castle’s own Alex Razek went to Nicaragua in search of such a highly renowned master blender to develop Havana Castles Cigar’s exclusive Signature Blends.

Obviously, from seed, soil to smoke… Papito Gomez has blended Havana Castles Cigar’s wide range of taste and flavour profiles for your enjoyment pleasure.

With that being said, starting in 1998 from just under 500 cigars yearly, to well over 500,000 currently – his quality of craftsmanship and professionalism has now positioned Havana Castle Cigars perfectly – to surprise and delight the palettes of cigar lovers around the globe.