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For All Cigar Lovers

At Havana Castle Cigars, we provide exceptional cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

Without doubt, drop down, relax and lounge in our ultimate blend of cigar quality and selection. Often, you may even find yourself in a simple commitment of time – best enjoyed and shared in good company. Our inventory of aromatic, tasteful cigars are sourced internationally, and carefully chosen from the world’s most revered, cigar-producing countries.

Uniquely, we also offer Havana Castle House Blend cigars which showcase our own noteworthy cigar sensibility. Our overarching goal is to offer you perfection in terms of retail outlet decor, caring customer service, and stick selection.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to some of our most important and dedicated members of our team.

Meet Our Branch Managers

Our branch managers have risen through the ranks because they are truly passionate about cigars and because they put so much effort into educating our customers about their craft.

These skilled and knowledgeable managers provide guidance, support and prompt service. Their retail outlets are kept in immaculate condition, ensuring that all staff members, at all branches, at all times present their expertise in every detail.




Alex Razek

Toronto West

In Toronto, Alex Razek runs the show. He’s the Branch Manager and he’s also a co-founder of Havana Castle Cigars. A dedicated Toronto Blue Jays fan who swims for fun and exercise, Alex is known for his refined taste in cigars. He’s passionate about what he sells and he really enjoys savoring Cuban Cohibas and non-Cuban Davidoffs.




Andy Razek


Andy Razek is our Oakville Branch Manager and he’s one of the founders of Havana Castle Cigars! He’s been helping Ontario residents to discover the pleasures of cigar smoking for over two decades now! Razel is all about passion for work and passion for life! When he isn’t cheering on his beloved Toronto Raptors or getting an adrenaline rush from skydiving, you’ll probably find him enjoying an exquisite Partagas D4 from Cuba, or his preferred Havana Castle House Blend cigar, which is the Black Havana Castle.




Ray Nabut


In Mississauga, Ray Nabut is at the helm. He’s a Branch Manager who came to our company after working in the jewelry and clothing niches. He moved towards our company because he’s a fan of cigars himself. He’s been with our company since 2010 and he brings a lot of good energy to his Havana Castle Cigars retail outlet! When he’s not enjoying Montecristo No. 2’s from Cuba (or other amazing cigars from our extensive selection), he’s cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors.




Kris Elmik


At the Burlington branch of Havana Castle Cigars, our Branch Manager is Kris Elmik. He’s been a part of our team since winter of 2014 and he definitely enjoys a good cigar! He loves his job because it allows him to connect with so many other cigar aficionados from all over the world.






Leo’s love for cigars has manifested physically with his appointment at Havana Castle as branch manager of the Mimico location. From here, he can provide unique stories and advise for life time cigar lovers and beginners alike. Leo is here to assist everyone looking for that perfect cigar to suit any occasion.




Carlos Garb

North York

Carlos is a cigar aficionado in the truest sense. He delights in trying new cigars while setting aside his favourites. His passion for the lifestyle is evident in his knowledge and expertise on flavour profiles, accessory usage and industry awareness. A visit to the Avenue Road Havana Castle location will leave you wanting to come back time and time again. From the decor, product selection and massive walk-in humidor, you will find yourself in good company and excited to see someone so passionate about cigars they have made it their life’s pursuit.