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Our Story

Cigars are our passion and our company was created so that we could share cigars of distinction with our valued clientele. Our first branch opened for business during 1998, in Oakville, Ontario. Now, two decades later, we are pleased to be Ontario’s preferred chain for premium cigars. At present, we operate five branches in the province, in Toronto, London, Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.

When you place your trust in our company today, you’ll be primed to access consistent flavour and quality. At Havana Castle Cigars, we provide exceptional cigars from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Cuba. When choosing from our wide selection of superb cigars, consider body (which is the strength of flavor of a particular cigar), in addition to size.

We offer cigars with mild, medium and full-strength body, in different lengths (such as five-inch and seven-inch), with a range of “ring” sizes. The ring size is the diameter of the cigar.


As buyers, we are very careful about which cigars we add to our inventory, so you’ll find that our curated selection of cigars, including our own Havana Castle House Blend Cigars, are great investments in personal pleasure. We’ve gathered impressive cigars from the world’s premier cigar-producing nations and we’ve also created a house blend which has so much character and depth.

Our company is committed to providing excellence. Our cigars offer the perfect balance of aroma and flavour. Whether you’re a long-time cigar aficionado or a cigar “newbie”, or anything in between, you will be in good hands when you shop with us.

For example, if you choose Cuban cigars from our company, you’ll access cigars which are made with Tabaco Negro Cubano. Also known as Cuban Black, this tobacco is renowned for being the finest tobacco on the planet! It has unique richness and dimension due to four factors, which are climate, soil, seed varieties and the skill and experience of Cuban tobacco growers.

Our Habanos S.A. Cuban cigars are produced by a branch of the Cuban government and they are well worth trying, to say the least! So, why not treat yourself?

We have so many wonderful cigars at our stores. We encourage you to sample them today. We know that you won’t be disappointed. Also, you should know that we really care about customer service.

When you shop with us, we’ll provide you with a VIP experience.