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These cigars are synonymous with luxury. They are elegant choices for discerning cigar aficionados. If you want refinement, we think that you’ll adore our selection of authentic Davidoff cigars. They are produced by a Swiss luxury brand with a long history and a superb reputation. In addition to cigars, Davidoff produces colognes, fine spirits and luggage. However, the company is definitely best-known for its exquisite cigars, which offer the ultimate in character, balance and feel.

The Davidoff company was founded in order to offer the finest tobacco blends to customers. Clients were influential people of means. During the late 1940s, the company’s Grand Cru and Chateau cigars were praised all over the globe. Today, the legacy continues. Cigars produced by this revered company are made with the best tobaccos and crafted via intuitive processes.

During the 70s, the company aimed to bring Dominican cigars into the spotlight, by making them as coveted as Cubans. They created irresistible blends which are still beloved in the Internet Age.

To give our customers something special, we provide authentic Davidoff cigars from the Dominican Republic. Buy them today in order to enjoy a taste of history, luxury and unparalleled quality.

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